Meet: Mike Rekola

Feb 23, 2023

I am an executive producer of feature films, tv & film3 projects.

I believe in cinema and think great independent films go beyond technique. A great one results from a cultivated connection between the artists and their work, under a controlled budget. Everyone has a story to tell, and my goal is to champion the filmmakers I work with throughout their journey.

I also think every human has their own superpowers, mine are— networking, vision-sharing, team building, and executing from concept to completion.

What do you think yours are?

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Select Films, TV, & Film3 projects:

THE BETA TEST (2020) now on Hulu.

BURYING DORIS (expected 2025)

CAMP (expected 2025)

MY DIVORCE PARTY (expected 2024)

THE MEET CUTE MURDERS (expected 2024)

THE NOUNERS (2023) now on Manifold.

THE SAVAGE STATE (expected 2025)

THIS LAND (2022) now on Tubi.