THE MEET CUTE MURDERS - Update #02 - The Pitch Video

Our Pitch Video is live and so is our Wefunder page.


One Quick Thought:

Good Morning!

There have been some movements across this project, THE MEET CUTE MURDERS. Let’s dive in and keep me honest.

— Mike


Project Update: THE MEET CUTE MURDERS is an under $750K feature film that is in development. As the Executive Producer of this project, I got an updated draft (V3.0) of the screenplay. Now, it’s on myself and the creative production team to comb through the script to ensure all the bumps are ironed out. Then build a schedule and budget.

We also soft-launched our $650K investor campaign to fund this film. We are currently on WeFunder testing the waters under the SEC’s allowed rules. Actively working on securing funds. So far there has been a great response and have secured reservations in the form of future promises to invest. Each day, the team is putting themselves out there raising funds for the project. Above, is our pitch video for the project. Check it out!

If you're reading this and want to invest in our film, the minimum investment starts at only $100 with an ROI of 125% plus a 40% prorated share of any profits. Check us out at 👉

Soon, I’ll do a write-up on the elements of a pitch video.

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